Emily Strange

Marketing and Development Officer

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As a passionate advocate for international youth empowerment, Emily has dedicated herself to ensuring that all people, no matter their background, are afforded the opportunity for advancement and education. She is a graduate of The University of Virginia, where she concenctrated her studies on global education and earned  a  bachelor’s degree in both Foreign Affairs and Sociology.  Prior to joining Batonga, Emily worked on the communications team at Self Help Africa in Dublin, Ireland. She conducted research on rural African culture and worked towards the mission of ending poverty and hunger in Africa. Emily has also had the opportunity to work at The Global Peace Foundation where she both planned and participated in The International Young Leaders Assembly. This opportunity allowed her to collaborate with emerging young leaders from around the world along with organizations such as USAID, The World Bank, and IBM in order to generate ideas and discuss solutions regarding the current challenges facing international development efforts. Further, in her spare time she enjoys giving back to her community through volunteering at local food banks and animal rescue organizations.