Emily Bove

Executive Director

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Emily Bove is a seasoned executive leader within the global women’s rights movement and development community. She has been recognized for her visionary leadership and constant support of grassroots-led and feminist programming, as well as her strong experience in movement-building, collaborative leadership and philanthropy.

Emily has over fifteen years of experience working on gender equality and development in countries like Indonesia, Cameroon, and St Lucia. She was previously the Executive Director of Women Thrive Alliance, a DC-based global advocacy network of over three hundred grassroots women’s rights and gender equality organizations. In this position, Emily led one of the first grassroots-led initiative focusing on holding governments and the United Nations accountable to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SDG5 on gender equality in particular. She also worked closely with the philanthropic sector to ensure SDG-era philanthropy invested in grassroots leaders and organizations. In 2018, she received the One World Award for Feminist Leadership in International Philanthropy.

As a 2018-2019 InterAction Senior Fellow, Emily founded The Feminist Leadership Project, an initiative to promote feminist leadership in the global social impact sector. She has also advised organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank, the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium, and Dining For Women, as well as taught ‘Leadership, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion’ at the University of Maryland.

Prior to this, Emily worked in post-tsunami Aceh to develop community-based beneficiary feedback mechanisms and supervise the German Technical Corporation’s Economic Recovery and Microfinance Program’s monitoring and evaluation activities. Her work also took her to Cameroon, where she managed and implemented a Gender Transformative Fund from the German Technical Corporation in the field of gender-based violence, with a special focus on rape, HIV, and breast ironing. Emily has also worked on gender and financial adaptation in the Caribbean with disaster risk management teams at the World Bank.

Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Political Studies of Lyon, France, and a Master’s in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex, UK. She has been featured in Huffington Post, News Deeply, Philanthropy Women, Ms Blog, and the Inspirational Women Series.