Brice Ahognonvi

Training and Community Outreach Manager

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Brice Ahognonvi has been the Training and Community Outreach Manager in Benin on the Batonga Foundation’s Sonafa Project since August 2016.

Prior to working for the Batonga Foundation, Brice held various positions in Benin’s Africare, notably as Human Resources Manager for PILP Project Implementation (Intensification for Fighting against Malaria), Palu-Alafia Project, and ARM3 project (Accelerating the Reduction of Malaria Morbidity and Mortality). All three projects were funded by the Global Fund and USAID.

In addition, Brice worked for 8 years as the Program Assistant for the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help’s Primary Education Teacher Training (PETT) project. This project was funded by USAID for the purpose of implementing a new curriculum for Benin’s primary schools.

Brice has also worked as a program assistant for the TFA program (Teachers for African – American Volunteers and in the following companies’ administrative management: BECOTRAC (Brokerage and commercial transaction), Cabinet TATA (Architecture and Programming).

In addition to the roles mentioned, Brice has worked as consultant trainer in coaching for self-development and in English and French language translation and interpretation.

Brice holds a Master’s Degree in Administrative and Human Resources Management from the International Management Institute (IIM) of Benin and a Master’s Degree in British literature and civilizations from the National University of Benin.

Born in the city Natitingou, Benin, Brice Ahognonvi is married and has two children.