2019 Annual Report

26th August 2020

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Dear Friends and Supporters.

As I reflect on the exceptional work that took place over 2019, I can not help but smile. The vision I had when first establishing Batonga of creating a world where young women and girls are respected, listened to, and given equal opportunities to succeed and build their own futures is truly becoming a reality in the villages we serve.

2019 was filled with learning, adaptation, growth, and impact for Batonga. The young women and girls Batonga serves in Benin are truly gaining economic independence. I witnessed this first hand when I visited Batonga’s programs on the ground in October of 2019, seeing girls managing their own thriving business and learning new trades in tailoring, hair styling, solar panel maintenance, soap making and beading.

Girls and young women in Batonga’s programs are growing more confident and louder about their needs and priorities. They stand proud, feeling safe and supported, thanks to the Batonga Mentors who stand behind them and make sure that no girl is left behind. The Batonga Mentors are supporting the girls one-on-one, providing them valuable guidance and advice and delivering impactful lessons. These local women Mentors are central to Batonga’s work, supporting girls and working with communities to change stereotypes and harmful gender norms.

I am so proud of the incredible growth and progress Batonga made in 2019 and am excited to share the new opportunities that await the women and girls we serve in 2020. Thank you to all of you for believing in us and supporting us on this journey!

With Love,

Angelique Kidjo,
Batonga Co-Founder & Board Member

View our 2019 Annual Report here: Batonga 2019 Annual Report