African Women’s Day Celebration

31st July 2020

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Happy African Women’s Day! All week long we have been featuring incredible African women leaders on our social media accounts and exploring their work to achieve gender equality on the continent.

Read more about these 5 incredible changemakers below!

Aissata Lam is a passionate women’s rights advocate from Mauritania who has worked on various peace, stability and women empowerment projects in West and Central Africa. She is the founder of the Youth Chamber of Commerce of Mauritania & i-Lab which works to fund startups and present more opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Aissata by following her Twitter account here

Francoise Moudouthe is an African feminist with a fierce commitment to women’s rights and social justice. She played an instrumental role in incubating Girls Not Brides (now the leading civil society partnership to end child marriage) globally and in Africa. She now works as an international consultant on advocacy, strategy development and movement-building for women’s rights. Francoise is also the founder of the online platform Eyala which works to promote African feminist voices on the continent and the diaspora.

Read our interview with Francoise about her work here

Cherifatou is the Program Manager for Batonga’s Mentor Network who is passionate about women empowerment, at risk girls, and education. Before joining the Batonga team, Cherifatou worked on various UN, EU and various other internationally funded projects in Benin. Currently, She is a key women leader for the Batonga Mentors Network, overseeing the selection and training of mentors for the SONAFA Clubs.

Watch Cherifatou’s Instagram live interview about the power of mentorships here

Read Cherifatou’s latest blog here. In this blog, Cherifatou provides insight on the importance of self-confidence and the impact it has on girls and women in rural Benin communities.

Alexis is a self-taught freelance digital artist and photographer from Nigeria. Her work touches on themes of religion, Afrofuturism and gender. She digitally re-imagines everyday realities & creating new narratives of African women’s experiences. Her work and re-conception of gender roles is helping to create more conversations about gender equality, gender narratives, and preconceptions about gender roles at large

Read more about Alexis’s work here

Last but not least, we have been featuring Batonga’s Founder, Angelique Kidjo and her incredible work on our social media channels! Angelique is one of the biggest international musicians today with thirteen albums to her name and four Grammy Awards. She is also an incredible changemaker. Angelique is the recipient of the 2015 Crystal Award given by
the World Economic Forum, the 2016 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award & the 2018 German Sustainability Award. She is also the an ambassador for UNICEF and Oxfam.

Watch Angelique’s Instagram live African Women’s Day interview with Batonga here. Listen to Angelique talk about Batonga, her own role models, and why it’s important to celebrate African women!