African Women’s Day Celebration

Confidence and self-esteem in Batonga adolescent girls’ clubs

Read a blog post by Cherifatou Gounou, Batonga’s Program Manager for the Benin Mentors Network about the power confidence and higher self-esteem can have on the lives of young women and girls.

Interview with Francoise Moudouthe for African Women’s Day

To celebrate African Women’s Day, we set up an interview with Francoise! Read what she has to say about being a pan-African feminist here,

The Leadership We Need: Grassroots Women Leaders in the Fight Against COVID-19

Around the world, there has been an intense focus on leadership at the highest levels and its impact on the COVID-19 pandemic which has overshadowed the stories of leadership at the grassroots level. In this blog, our Program Officer highlights the hard work and successes of grassroots women leaders, shedding some light on the women on the front lines of the crisis in Benin: the Batonga Mentors.

Why Batonga is supporting the call for a Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States

Beyond the ideological imperative to support the call for feminist foreign policies, the Batonga Foundation believes that a U.S. Feminist Foreign Policy can radically change the lives of the hardest-to-reach African girls and women, especially in the post-COVID19 crisis.

Batonga Statement on Benin’s COVID-19 Outbreak

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds in Benin, Batonga has had to make some necessary adjustments to the operations of our SONAFA Leadership Clubs. Read our latest statement on the COVID-19 outbreak here.

Latest COVID-19 Updates In Benin (Updated Daily)

Batonga is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic in Benin. We are updating this post daily with updates on this crisis as it unfolds and how we are responding.

Downloadable COVID-19 Resources For Francophone Nonprofits

As the COVID-19 virus begins to hit Benin, we have rapidly rolled out a Prevention & Mitigation Plan with our team on the ground in order to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the girls we serve and their communities. As such, we have created a few resources that we would like to share with our Francophone nonprofit colleagues.

Supporting the girls and communities we serve during the COVID-19 global pandemic

Read our Executive Director’s blog on how women and girls are going to be particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how we are supporting our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No One Size Fits All For Girls: How the different stages adolescence girls experience require different programming

Read our Program Officer, Caitlin Hone’s blog describing the need for strategies to better help girls throughout the different changes of their lives.