Batonga’s efforts are geographically focused on the country of Benin, located in Francophone West Africa.

Benin is a model of democracy and stability filled with rich artistic and intellectual tradition. The country possesses one of Africa’s most stable democracies and is a large cotton producer. In addition, Benin’s strategic location in West Africa along with its human capital, political stability, potential and heritage equips the country with all of the necessary assets and advantages for it to become a land open to inclusive and sustainable development and aid social progress.

However, despite economic growth over the past few years and a stable democracy, Benin ranks among the world’s poorest countries. In addition, women, especially poor women are typically excluded from societal resources. Although several recent laws have been adopted in Benin to improve women’s rights, social, cultural and economic obstacles have hindered their implementation. Discriminatory practices towards women have also impacted their safety and security and limited their political and economic participation. These barriers and obstacles towards the advancement of women and women’s rights in society have halted progress towards achieving gender equality in Benin.

At The Batonga Foundation, we believe that Benin possesses a wealth of opportunities that must be pursued in order to promote the rights of women in society and achieve gender equality in Benin. Women are the drivers of society and must be invested in to promote the well-being and development of Benin.

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