Batonga in Action

Batonga in Action

Reaching the most excluded girls through intentional design

Batonga is committed to finding the most excluded and off-track adolescent girls, recognizing and investing in their true potential as agents of change, wellsprings of community stability, family health, and economic growth, and bringing the resources and services they need to them.  We mentor, empower, and train Benin’s most marginalized girls to help them tap into their capacity to be independent and powerful agents of positive change, in their own lives and in their communities.

Batonga’s data-based approach is rooted in our use of the Girl Roster™, an Android-based digital survey tool and mapping application designed by the Population Council, which allows us to identify and recruit the most marginalized girls in communities across Benin. By integrating this emerging technology into our programs, we are able to see more accurately than ever the full universe of girls in our program areas. We can break them down into meaningful segments by age, schooling, and marital, childbearing, and living-arrangement status, then clearly identify the most off-track girls in our target communities.

Through the mapping of villages and the collection and analysis of the data generated, we have been able to do exactly this and invest in the girls most in need, in Benin’s poorest communities. These girls have received support from trained local female mentors, life and financial literacy skills, as well as practical skills for income generation and entrepreneurship.

Since our founding in 2006 Batonga has provided:


Since launching our data-driven approach in Benin in 2016, Batonga has:

Why Benin?


Benin, a small West African country, is the home of Batonga’s founder Angelique Kidjo


In Benin, 3 out of 4 girls never make it middle school


1 in 3 girls are married before the age of 18


and 2/3 of the youth population is unemployed, largely due to a lack of transferable skills needed to find and keep a job.



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