Batonga empowers young women and girls to discover their limitless, untapped potential and transform it into social and economic power.
To accomplish this, Batonga works to:

Gather information

to learn about our communities

Batonga’s work begins by learning about the girls we serve and the communities in which they live. Batonga uses the Girl Roster™, an Android-based cell phone application, developed by the Population Council, to map villages, survey households, locate young women and girls, and collect household-level information to see the full universe of young women and girls in target communities and help increase their access to resources and services. With this tool, Batonga can lead transformative change for these girls and their communities and can better design programs for specific segments of girls.

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Train local women

to serve as mentors, teachers and role models

Batonga’s programs are co-created and led by local women who are intimately familiar with their own village’s context and needs. As we survey and map communities, we also work to recruit motivated, competent local women to serve as mentors in our programs. These women teach lessons, provide emotional support, and serve as role models to our program’s girls. Our creative, compassionate mentors are the key to helping our girls discover their inherent value.

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Reach the most vulnerable

young women and girls

Once we survey and map our target communities using the Population Council’s Girl Roster,™ we analyze and utilize this information to ensure we are finding and recruiting the hardest to reach, most vulnerable young women and girls in each community, to join our SONAFA Girls Clubs.

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Create and support

community-based Girls Clubs

Batonga’s SONAFA clubs provide young women and girls with access to a weekly girl-only safe space in their own community, where they gain the support of a local, female mentor, physical and emotional security, technical and life skills, as well as a sense of importance and belonging to their community.

The new skills acquired through our clubs enable girls to lead healthy, financially independent and empowered lives.

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Share learnings

with our community of practice

To document and share learnings and best practices, Batonga has established a regional thought leadership network in Francophone West Africa called, Réseau Batonga d’Apprentissage des Filles Adolescentes Bénin. The purpose of the learning circle network is to regularly share information and lessons on girl-centered approaches for the poorest girls in Benin’s poorest communities. The network’s meetings have built local buy-in for programing, engaged stakeholders, leveraged existing partnerships and helped establish girls as leaders in their communities.

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