Batonga Girls

Batonga Girls

Meet Anastasie, a Batonga Scholar in Benin

Anastasie is a 16-year-old student at CEG Sodahomé in Benin. She loves going to school and walks 2 hours each day to get there.  Unfortunately, Anastasie’s father, a local farmer, passed away this year, leaving Anastasie with little means to support herself. With Batonga’s help she can continue her education and she is currently participating in extra review classes to help prepare her for the last two years of secondary school. Anastasie wants to eventually become a doctor.

“I want to help eradicate Infant and child mortality in my village. Batonga is the foundation of my education.”

Meet Tihut, a Batonga Scholar in Ethiopia

Tihut Befikadu is an 18-year-old student from Ethiopia. Tihut lost her mother to HIV/AIDS when she was nine and has no memory of her father. She began receiving support from Batonga following her mother’s death. She now lives with her grandmother and younger brother while she attends school. Tihut is a determined student and hopes to do well enough on her 12th grade exams to attend college to become an engineer.

“Education is knowledge and knowledge is power.  Thank you Batonga for all of your support.”

Meet Ghislaine, a Batonga Scholar in Cameroon

Ghislaine is an 18-year-old student from Cameroon. After her mother passed away, she went to live with her grandmother. With Batonga’s support, she is currently studying hard in secondary school with the hope of attending her university’s school of management. She wants to work for a humanitarian organization one day.



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