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Downloadable COVID-19 Resources For Francophone Nonprofits

As the COVID-19 virus begins to hit Benin, we have rapidly rolled out a Prevention & Mitigation Plan with our team on the ground in order to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the girls we serve and their communities. As such, we have created a few resources that we would like to share with our Francophone nonprofit colleagues to help them as they roll out their prevention and mitigation strategies on the ground as well.

Please find some of the resources Batonga has created below. Feel free to download and share with others!

We created a COVID-19 handbook for all of our mentors. This handbook (written in French) consists of all the information community leaders need to support their communities during this pandemic and provides answers to the questions they are most likely to be asked. Click here to download our COVID-19 handbook

We also created, printed, and laminated some community posters on best prevention mechanisms. These were distributed community leaders and mentors in the 15 communities we serve and are ready to be downloaded, printed, and shared to other communities and used as a resource for other nonprofits. Download the community posters here.

Additionally, we are working to design local radio content focused on knowledge sharing and prevention measures, as well as starting a Batonga hotline for our mentors in case they need extra support in these coming weeks. We are also developing some programming alternatives with our mentors’ network so the adolescent girls we serve can continue receiving the care and support they need should we have to cancel the clubs. We’re also committed to ensuring the small and medium sized businesses we have supported can be sustained throughout this crisis.

As we develop more resources, we will continue to share them with our nonprofit partners and colleagues. If you have any questions about these resources or would like to further collaborate, please email us at