Batonga’s mentors take a girl-centered, participatory approach toward teaching, a technique that often does not exist in the formal school system or in girls’ homes. Our mentors incorporate songs, chants, games, and physical activity into nearly every aspect of their club meetings ensuring that each girl participates and feels physically and emotionally secure to express herself. Lessons are taught in a mix of French and Fon, the predominant local language, and are fun and interactive rather than lecture based.

Batonga’s curriculum on financial literacy and life skills for girls in Benin was developed and contextualized in partnership with Aflatoun International.

The curriculum covers five major themes including:

  1. personal exploration and self esteem,
  2. rights, responsibilities, and social inclusion
  3. savings, expenses, and using resources responsibly,
  4. planning and budgeting and
  5. social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Lessons on sexual and reproductive health as well as building healthy relationships are included as well. The curriculum is modular and Batonga continues to contextualize and add to it as needed.

“Generally speaking, education continues to focus on classic subjects that only partially prepares young people for a rapidly changing world. Very often, they do not get the opportunity to develop transferable life skills they need in life to attain independence, a sustainable future, and secure employment.”
Aflatoun International